Our volunteer members direct our small business advocacy efforts by providing valuable input and experiences. The COSE Small Business Caucus provides a forum for volunteers to discuss, research and share the specific values, principles and policies of COSE regarding public issues affecting our members. It is through this forum that COSE's small business advocacy decisions are vetted. 

COSE Small Business Caucus Chair

Kevin Johnson, Glenwood Management

COSE Small Business Caucus Members

Kevin Ashmus, Frantz Ward
Michael Canty, Alloy Bellows & Precision Welding
Paul Chaffee, Software Answers
Sandy Earl, SEP-E LLC
Dave Harman, Ferriot, Inc.
Toby Heintzelman, Driftwood Restaurants 
Debbie Kuhn, Girltrunks
Lisa Logan, Logan Clutch Corp.
Dan McMullen, Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
John Newlin, Quality Services
Tim Opsitnick, JURRINOV
Deborah Rutledge, Rutledge Group
Russell Schabel, Philpott Solutions Group
Mike Stanek, Hunt Imaging
Eric Tolbert, Eric Tolbert & Associates
Stacy Ward-Braxton, The Significance Group